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 This site is dedicated to my love for the most wonderful car ever the

Volkswagen Beetle.

Some History About the Beetle

The Volkswagen Beetle was born from an idea by Adolf Hitler, to provide affordable motoring for the masses. During the deepening recession in the mis-30's Germany, Hitler decided that a huge road building scheme would cure Germany's immediate unemployment problems and then a car would be produced that Germany's ordinary citizens could afford. Ferdinand Porsche was asked to design such a car but under the strict guidlines Hitler proposed.

Porsche designed the first rear-engined, air-cooled car, Hitler gave the go-ahead for production to begin and a factory was built in Wolfsburg. however, very few cars were produced, W.W. II was about to begin, the company's attention turned to aero engine production. Production began again in 1945 with a very basic 1100cc model with a non-synchromesh gearbox, and cable brakes. in the USA, the model started a small-car revolution as millions of drivers; looking for a cheap second car, fell in love with the Beetle's good build quality, practically and thrifty running costs. The size of the flat-four pushrod engine increased from 1131 to 1200cc in the 50's. demands for a speedier, more modern Beetle were replied to in the 60's with the 1300 and 1500cc models, which now had gained an all-synchromesh gearbox and was available with disc brakes and even a semi- auto transmission.

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Some History about my Passion and how it all started

  At first I didn't quite think much about the beetle running around whistling and all, and after all most beetles on our island where in the hands of old people who never used to go very fast. But once I wanted to start participating in our off road racing which was just at the beginning on our island I am talking about 1990. (now it's a big organization. you can check it out if you would like at  




There I started looking for a car to build and came by a Volkswagen beetle which I didn't quite like but my friend told me that we should start a new category building buggies. This was a totally new experience for both of us  but we still went on with the project which turned out something really new. So we started to learn a lot about Volkswagen air cooled engines and how fast they can go. There we started tuning our engines the best we could cause the budget was always a bit low but anyway we managed.

    Here in my photo gallery you can see our first buggy, then we built a body for hill climbs which is built on a beetle chassis. There is also  my 1965 beetle which I am very proud of. And now I am making a new project which will be featured in my new projeect page. Do check my mew project........ Yes it is still a Beetle project.........



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