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What do you want

One of the hardest parts of building an engine is deciding what you really want, are you intending to take granny to church on Sunday but be able to keep up with your mates each evening, or are you after something a little hotter, such as 100 - 150BHP. If you intend to go beyond the 150BHP mark then this document is not really for you, only so much can be covered and all out engines, especially when used on the road, require so many areas to be considered together that one could fill a book with the possibilities as have people like Keith Seume with his very informative book 'Aircooled VW Engine Interchange Manual', which is a 90's version of 'How To Hotrod Your VW Engine'.
Firstly, how much money are you prepared to spend? Now if you double it that will give you an idea of what it will probably cost. This built a 110BHP engine for a lad who came to him and said 'I have 1000 to spend, I want.....', and proceeded to list 3000 of parts alone. When he finished this guy calmed him down and explained what things cost. He finally spent 1800, and went away happy.
What sort of power range did you intend to have, 50-75BHP, 75- 100BHP, 100-150BHP? To give some idea of the expected cost, this guy uses a formula BHP X 20, this gives an amount that turns out to be closer than just pricing up the crank and carbs.
One thing you should be aware of, VW made their parts much too strong for what they were intended, meaning you can retain a large number of parts from your donor/existing engine.



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Last modified: February 11, 2007