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Photo Gallery



                                                  This is how my buggy looked at first!!!!!




 Then it started evolving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




 We even started hill climbing with our buggy




Then we built a different body for hill climbing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





This was the last time I drove my Buggy which turned out to be one of those races where you can never forget. When I was on the last lap in front of one of the best cars we have on the track my engine just broke down with oil failure. The valve cover gaskets ......just blew off. Leaving the engine with NO oil and me....................... EH  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



And this is my latest Volks love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is how it looks now with the white wall tires and all, I really love it like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!



This is my friend Walter's Golf      Very Cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here they are together as friends.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



This, I found on the street and  used for some time, Nothing special but looks cool.!!!!!!!!!!!




This is my new project !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am not sure what to do but I guess it will be a cal. look. check to see about its progress........




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Last modified: February 11, 2007