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Our air cooled Volkswagen Club in Malta is called DM. The club tries to organize an event every month, nothing special just a get together at a place and then a drive to another with our Air cooled Bugs.  I will be putting down information about the events we will be holding. SO DO CHECK THIS PAGE MORE FREQUENTLY. We will be very happy if we could have more participants during our our events. We know that we are a very small island but we also know that there is a lot of Volkswagen enthusiast on the Island, so letís KEEP ON DUBBING AND MEET MORE FREQUENTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

Our last event was a static display at the water front (Paqpaqli Ghal li-Strina) which was a community chest funding event. There was a lot of clubs who participated, and a lot of people came to appreciate all the hard work we endure in taking care of our cars. Being Volkswagen or other make.




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Last modified: February 11, 2007