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Running for the first time

All right, so you've built your dream engine. Don't destroy it before you have used it. If you have replaced most parts of the engine, and of course, you used an air line to blow out all the oil galleries to make sure they were open, there will be no oil in your engine. You can, before you fit the oil cooler, using a small funnel, pour oil into the hole nearest the pulley wheel end. It will take quite some time to pass down the line, but if you turn the engine over backwards by hand this will help pull the oil down. Put about 1 pint/half a liter down into the engine, then fill it up normally (through that silly little, offset pipe). Use a good oil, and once you have filled it up and fully assembled the engine, connect it all up, all except the positive supply to the coil. The idea here is that you don't want the engine to fire up, just yet.
Turn the engine over with your foot hard down on the accelerator pedal and until a short while after the oil light goes out (about the count of 5). Now the oil has passed through the engine you can connect the coil. This time pump the accelerator twice and leave it alone (until the engine fires), turn on the ignition and fire the animal up, but do remember what it said on the instructions that came with the cam.

Right, now go and show those Ford owners what a Bug can do.



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Last modified: February 11, 2007